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World traveler consumed with food and wine. Totally believe in "eat local, drink local, with the locals" as my guiding philosophy. Italy snagged me some 35 years ago and I just can't seem to get away from the embrace of these stunning shores. Join me in the third evolution of "Harold In Italy." An 'occasional blog about Italy.' Read and enjoy, leave a message and then come join me in Italy!

Gestation. Pain. Wait. Pain. Birth.

Sometimes gestation takes a bit longer than expected. The brick oven is crammed full of delicious tidbits. As always when you put too much in it takes a bit longer for it all to come to the perfect level and suitable for consumption. Best I take others advice and just pop out…

Too long in the tunnel could cause serious complications. Am I ready? Is the world ready? Okay. I’m not drowning. Yes, my head is above water. Seems there is a swirling at my feet. No! I’m tipping. Damn! I think this is it. Slow down. Not so fast. Look back. Are you sure?